The Future Of 70Above

The information in this page is subject to change or update and should not be construed as a commitment, promise or guarantee by 70Above or any other individual or organization mentioned in this white paper relating to the future availability of services related to the use of the tokens or to their future performance or value. 


  •  Executive Summary

A virtual tower of NFT suites. Each suite is unique in its own way and designed differently with many styles in mind. You will receive a Modern, dated, game themed, or a mystery suite that has been built with the purpose of bringing some nostalgia. The higher the floor, the more extravagant the suites get. Should you choose to purchase a mystery suite, at a set price, you may end up on the top floor. Striving to create a highly immersive virtual world so people can gather, socialize, play, and work. Think…virtual reality. The 70 Above Tower is just the beginning. We are working on many more things such as our metaverse map, plots of land, and avatars. We have a hard working team with incredible ideas that we can’t wait to share with you. Our goal is to deliver the best quality project that will take place in the metaverse.

  • Our Vision

Our goal is to create a highly immersive virtual world, where anything is possible. We want to start with building a community of tenants in our 70 Above Tower. These tenants will be the earliest settlers in our metaverse. Right now our main focus is to start making all of your suites game ready. We are currently in the early development stages of creating our metaverse map, which will soon allow anyone to purchase plots of land. Just to give you an idea, these plots of land can be used to put a small house on, or if more than one plot is purchased in close proximity, a larger house can be placed on it. Your land will be usable for what you please just like in the traditional way. We want to create places where outside of the tower, you can play, attend virtual events, and scavenge for hidden NFT’s. For example, in the future we would like to collaborate with other artists to hide NFT’s for any tenant/land owner to find and collect. We have many more very exciting things coming that we aren’t ready to release to the public yet.


The 70 Above team’s mission is to, accelerate blockchain adoption to grow the blockchain gaming market. We will do this by building a gaming platform that will allow you to buy, sell, and trade goods using Cardano. These kinds of exchanges will ultimately help grow the platform.


  • The Tower And It’s Tenants

 The tenants of the 70 Above Tower are the earliest settlers in our metaverse. Our tenants are our early investors in creating this metaverse. Each tenant who is at the time holding a suite from the tower will receive a plot of land in our metaverse. Tenants will have the opportunity to have a vote in certain decisions that are made with creating. This will give the opportunity to the community to help create the metaverse through the eyes of our tenants. Our team at 70 Above believes it is very important to listen to our community and what they want, we strive to listen and take into consideration, what our community wants and make it our continued goal to give the people what they want. Some of our top community members will have the potential to access early beta testing phases.  


  • The Tower

 If you’re reading this, you’ve probably looked at the price of the 70 Above Tower. Yes, it is pretty pricy, but there is a reason why. The person or company who purchases the tower would become a partial owner of 70 Above, legally owning percentage of 70 Above. Think of the owner as an investor. They would be included in helping make certain choices in the development of the metaverse and receive a portion of the profits. 


  • Map

This map will be an open world in which you will be allowed to free roam and explore the world. There will be preselected plots of land for sale, so there will be free space to roam. You will not be able to enter someones suite or property unless granted access by the owner themselves. The fun part about our free roam areas is that you may find hidden NFT’s, hidden avatars, tasks that you may need to complete to unlock certain items, and you may also find items for your property. More details to follow!



  • Plots of land

Purchasing plots of land will enable you to own a portion of the metaverse which will ultimately allow you to do whatever you damn well please ! Each plot of land will be sold in sections, with different types of prebuilt terrains. You will be able to modify your own terrain on any plot of land that you own. In the future, tenants/land owners will be able to combine their plots of land to create estates. These estates will have the option to be owned by multiple tenants/land owners to form districts.


  •  Avatars

 A graphical illustration character that you can purchase and play in the metaverse. We are in the early stages of development for our avatars or “skins” We will only have preset avatars, these avatars will be limited. There will also be NSFW avatars that will be limited and only to be used in certain areas of the map. This will give the opportunity for community members to collect and trade rare avatars. Some avatars will be extremely rare, 1/1. Some avatars may range, ex; 1/20, 1/30, 1/50.


  • Roadmap

  • Collaborations

 Our team is so excited to start working on collaborations with other artists! We are all about hearing and taking into consideration what our community members want to see us do. With that being said, we want to give our top community members the opportunity to have their voice/vote be heard. We will have a vote with top community members to see amongst a few artists we admire, to vote on which artists we will collaborate with. The terms of agreeing to a collaboration are as follows: any collaboration with another artist will consist of 2/2 NFT’s, one of which 70 Above will own the rights to. The other will be given to the artist in which we are in collaboration with. This means that in the metaverse, 2 of these identical suites will exists. The ONLY duplicates that will EVER exist will be collaborations. The reason that there will be 2/2 with collaborations is because we will be addressing two communities ex; 70 Above and the artist we collaborate with.


  • Pricing

The pricing of suites depends on the square footage, time, and detail put into the suite. Mystery suites will always be a set price of $300 USD or the equivalent in ADA. The mystery suites are for our more impatient community members, that don’t want to wait for a drop and like the feeling of the unknown. The work that goes into the mystery suites is exceptionally detailed and far more intricate, so please allow sufficient time for mystery suites to be completed, as they may not be ready at the time of purchase. All suites sold from 70 Above are non refundable. 


  • Suites

The suites you purchase and receive as an NFT will be a visual representation of what you will experience in the metaverse. Everything in your NTF will be life sized, our goal is to get as close to the square footage as your NFT depicts. For example, if your suite shows a partial overview, what you will experience in the metaverse will be the view as if you were actually standing in your suite with the ability to walk through as you please and explore every inch of your suite. You will be able to partially edit your suite. Because of some of the exclusivity of certain suites, you will be able to sell some of the items in your suite. The assets that are in your NFT suite will also be in your suite in the metaverse.


  • Access To Meta

The 70 Above metaverse will be free to access for everyone. If you have a 70 Above NFT, you will have different experience, as you will be able to edit your property and have access to a lot more. If you do not have an avatar, you will be given a default avatar to play with.




This project is in the early stages of development, this page depicts the plans of 70 Above’s 6 year plan. We plan to take our time in development to make sure things are executed correctly. 70 Above is not liable for stolen assets. DO NOT allow anybody to access your wallet.