Why would I want to own an NFT? Will it make me money?

Investing in art has long been popular among the wealthy because the category is considered a "value-preserving asset class" that has a lower call risk than assets that are priced daily.


What is 70Above?

A virtual tower of NFT suites. Each suite unique in its own way, designed differently with many styles in mind. Modern, dated, gaming, and even something nostalgic, or choose a mystery suite. The higher you go, the more extravagant the suites get. Should you choose to purchase a mystery suite, at a set price, you may end up on the top floor. Striving to create a highly immersive virtual world so people can gather, socialize, play, and work. Think..virtual reality. There’s a reason we don’t put people in the suites we create for you. 

There are only 70 floors……so don’t miss out on your chance to become a tenant. Each suite unique in its own, no replicas are made. Own your own piece of 70 Above, we hope you enjoy your stay.


How do the drops work?

All drops will be released day by day. we will drop our first suite and continue this until we’ve released all suites on the second floor. (One suite per day will be released) after our last suite from the second floor has been released, the next day we will begin our presale/mystery suites ! (Due to a high demand and wanting to ensure the highest quality) presale/mystery suites will be LIMITED, so don’t sleep on these, grab them while you can because they won’t be up for grabs for very long.          **DAILY DROPS WILL BE RELEASED AT 8pm PST**


How do you buy a 70Above Suite?

Use our link 🔗 “Purchase NFT Suites” and it will redirect you to CNFT.IO where we sell them. Mystery suites will be located for purchase on the website under Presale/Minting. Make sure you have a wallet that is compatible with CNFT.IO. (Daedalus, Nami, Yoroi, ccWallet or Adalite)


How many Suites will be available on each floor?

That will depend on the sqaure footage of each suite.


What are mystery suites? (Presale/minting)

Purchasing a suite while under construction...or we like to think of it as...mystery suites ! While we work on building our suites and give you guys the opportunity to purchase one of our unique suites without knowing exactly what is in it. This option is for our impatient tenants, who don't like waiting and enjoy the element of surprise. Or maybe even if you're feeling lucky, who knows, you may end up on the top floor.

  • These suites can be located on any floor
  • All mystery suites will be a set price
  • You have the option to purchase in ADA or USD
  • Because of the demand it Can take up to 7-21 Days to receive a CNFT.
  • Our architects make the mystery rooms from scratch and without limitations.


How do I purchase a Mystery Stuite?

You, can purchase a Mystery through the website using USD through the website, or contact us through discord if you'd like to purchase using ADA. If you’d like to stay private you can send $300 in ADA to the address under lined on the page.